King Solomon Seal 19. Removes Obstacles, Opens Closed Doors - Material and Spiritual. The Fifth Pentacle of Mercury.

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Made on order
3 cm (1.18 inch) diameter
Fine (pure) silver .999
18 inch

The Fifth Pentacle of Mercury commands the Spirits of Mercury and "serveth to open the doors in whatever way they may be closed, and nothing it may encounter can resist it".

Within the Pentacle are the Names El Ab and IHVH. The versicle is from Psalm 24.7:"Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors; that the King of glory may come in."

Psalm 24 is a prayer of invocation. 


This talisman will be hand-crafted AFTER the order is placed. No stocks are kept, and every talisman is created with the person who ordered it in mind.


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