Kabbalah Talismans

The literal translation of the term Kabbalah is "receiving." - as in "receiving" the mystical truths behind Jewish Traditions. 
Knowledge of Kabbalah was transmitted orally by the Jewish sages. Kabbalah was widely studied in ancient Israel as Jews strived to fully grasp the connection between man and God. However Kabbalah studies were later restricted, allowing to any rabbi to teach only one, mature and pious student at a time.
For centuries Kabbalah remained an extremely complicated and well-hidden path to knowledge. Only very recently Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism attracted the attention of the wide public in search for mystic wisdom.

According to Kabbalah, the letters created the world. This statement goes beyond its usual meaning of the importance of language for interpersonal communications, civilization etc.
It is believed that each letter carries unique energy attributes. The words and sentences made up of the Hebrew letters acquire both power and meaning beyond their superficial, literal meaning. Therefore inscribing appropriate words or sentences on the amulet is crucial for its effect. 
The words are therefore more important that the material used to make an amulet. However, strong, stable, noble and natural materials will better preserve the inscriptions to the smallest detail.
The text fragments on the amulets most often come from the Torah (Five Books of Moses), Psalms and prayers. It may be a whole sentence, several letters or several words from the sentence, joined together to form the inscription. As it is believed that the Sacred Texts precede our World and Creation itself, the power in the inscribed symbols aligns the bearer of the amulet with the path of Creation and protect him/her against evil and mischief.

With these unique jewelry designs, we provide the opportunity to connect with the ancient powers of Jewish mysticism.