King Solomon Seal 35. Attracts Wealth and Glory. The Third Pentacle of the Sun.

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Made on order
3 cm (1.18 inch) diameter
Fine (pure) silver .999
18 inch

The Third Pentacle of the Sun serves to acquire renown and glory, especially through the Name of G-d, Tetragrammaton, which therein is twelve times contained.

This seal contains the Name IHVH, twelve times repeated and a versicle following that of Daniel iv. 34:- "My Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and my dominion endureth from age to age."

The Great Name is written twelve times in this seal, and twelve permutations of the Great Name are used in its invocation of this seal, corresponding to the Twelve Tribes of Israel and to the powers of the Twelve Saviors.

Verse 34 of chapter 4 of Daniel is written on this seal, and verses 28 through 37 are the prayer of invocation for the binding of the power of the demiurge and archons, and so also is Psalm 89. Psalm 145 holds the power of the invocation of this seal for visions of New Jerusalem, but when invoked for the knowledge of the powers of the Twelve Saviors, join with Psalm 145 is a recitation of chapter 21 of Revelation, and chapter 22:1-5, along with the chant of the 144 Names of God.


This talisman will be hand-crafted AFTER the order is placed. No stocks are kept, and every talisman is created with the person who ordered it in mind.


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    The Third Pentacle Of The Sun

    Posted by Keith Van Damm on 2021 Apr 4th

    A very well constructed pendant: combined with really being able to feel it's energetics will keep me from hesitating if I decide to make future purchases if these beautiful pendants. Two thumbs up!!