King Solomon Seal 36. Helps to Expose the True Intents of Others. The Fourth Pentacle of the Sun.

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Made on order
3 cm (1.18 inch) diameter
Fine (pure) silver .999
18 inch

The Fourth Pentacle of the Sun enables its wearer to see the Spirits when they appear invisible unto those who invoke them.

The Names IHVH, Adonai, are written in the center in Hebrew; and round the radii in the mystical characters of the "Passing of the River." The versicle is from Psalm xiii. 3,4:-"Lighten mine eyes that I sleep not in death, lest mine enemy say, I have prevailed against him."

The Spirits of this seal are able to discern hidden things in hearts and minds, and reveal them, and likewise they give sight into the world of Spirits so that invisible Spirits are made visible, revealing their true form and dispelling enchantments. They also have the ability to reveal hidden works of magic and sorcery, and to reveal spirits and powers bound up in sacred objects.

Psalm 13 is a prayer of invocation.


This talisman will be hand-crafted AFTER the order is placed. No stocks are kept, and every talisman is created with the person who ordered it in mind.


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