Libra. Four Elements Zodiac Talisman. Silver pendant with Fluorite

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2.5cm (0.98 inch) diameter
Fine (pure) silver .999
16 inch sterling silver

Element: Air
Key phrase: I balance
The elemental gemstone: Fluorite

This two-sided pendant is made of fine silver patinated. The stone is Fluorite.
The talisman hangs on 16 inch sterling silver box chain.
This delicate lightweight fine silver talisman is a wonderful gift for your cherished one!


The four elements of the Macrocosm - Earth, Air, Fire and Water - are intimately related with the Microcosm of the human existence. Each element projects its unique nature into our character development, decision-making, emotional well-being and ultimately, shapes our life-path.

Early interpretation of the four elements manifestation in human life originates in Greek philosophy. Later teachings also associated the elements with the other crucial metaphysical symbols, planets, signs and talismans.
The Signs of Zodiac encode our planetary connection. Ultimately they relate the infinite Universe surrounding us with the infinite worlds enclosed inside us. Your Zodiac sign does not describe exactly who you are, from A to Z - it is a starting point in the intricate chain of symbols, forces and hidden meanings that form a hidden landscape of your lifepath. You may never grasp them all in their subtlety but you cannot afford to ignore them. And so you carry your Zodiac sign on you, observe it briefly during the day, meditate on it, attempting to disengage from daily distraction and connect with Yourself.