Lion of Jerusalem. Protection Talisman

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2.8 x 2.4cm (1.1 x 0.95 inch)
Fine (pure) silver .999
18 inch

The lion is one of the most frequently mentioned animals in the Bible where it symbolizes strength, courage, and royal majesty. Many Biblical figures such as Judah, Saul, Jonathan, and Israel are compared to lion. In the Talmud (commentary on the Tanakh), the lion is the king of animals and symbolizes mental greatness.
This shield-protector talisman is based on the symbol of Jerusalem. The central figure here is the lion, as a symbol of strength, and olive branches around symbolize appeal to peaceful problem solving.
This talisman also draws its power from the Biblical verse: Hashem magen be'ad kevodi umerim roshi ("Hashem/The Lord is a shield for my honor, and he raises my head') (Psalms 3:4).