Seal of Four Rivers. Protection in childbirth

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Made on order
3.6 cm (1.42 inch) diameter
Fine (pure) silver .999
18 inch black leather

This silver amulet has its source in the Book of Raziel (sefer Raziel haMalakh), famous kabbalistic text which roots can be traced to 13 century or even earlier period.

According to the legend, Raziel, the Angel of Secrets, was sent to Adam to teach him spiritual knowledge. The secret writing explained seventy-two branches of wisdom as well as the entire history of the mankind. The book was passed from Adam through following generations, to Noah, Abraham and then King Solomon. It was lost when the Temple was destroyed, but then reappeared in the medieval Europe. Critical tradition attributes parts of the book - in the form it was printed for the first time in Amsterdam in 1701, to the famous kabbalist, Eleazar of Worms (116-1238).

The last chapters of the Book of Raziel contain a number of amulets and incantations. The amulet shown here is sometimes called the Seal of Four Rivers. It is used as a protector in childbirth, to ease the labor and bring reconciliation in the marital life. In the four corners of the amulet, there are the four rivers of paradise, as mentioned in the Book of Genesis (2.10-14) - Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel and Euphrates. Cabbalists believed the four rivers represent the flowing of divine energy into creation. On the circumference of the circle there are names associated with childbirth: Adam, Eve, Hutz, Lilith, angels Shamriel, Hasdiel, Sinvai, Sansanvai and Semanglof and the words from Psalm 91.11, invoking angelic protection: "He hath given his angels charge concerning thee, that they may keep thee in all thy ways. Amen. Selah". On the outside of the hexagram is a forty-two-lettered name of God and within the hexagon are words from Exodus 11.8 "Go forth thou and all the people who are in thy train", serving to repel demons.


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