Ana BeKoach Silver Kabbalah Circle Talisman for Well-Being

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Made on order
2.7 cm (1.06 inch) outer diameter
Fine (pure) silver .999

The "Ana Bekoach" prayer is engraved around the circle. Having the prayer with you at all times and turning to its lines in the middle of daily routine allows you to break out and relate to higher meaning and higher power. You may use that to summon your forces when strength and perseverance are required, to initiate change and move forward, ignoring or pushing aside the obstacles. Measures 2.7cm outer diameter.


This talisman will be hand-crafted AFTER the order is placed. No stocks are kept, and every talisman is created with the person who ordered it in mind.


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About Ana Bekoach prayer and talismans

The prayer was written by Rabi Nechunya ben HaKanah - a great Talmudic sage of the first century CE, student of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai and the author of the Sefer HaBahir (published for the first time in 1176 by the Provence school of Kabbalists).

The name of the prayer "Ana Bekoach" comes from the first two words of the prayer (Please, with the might...).
The prayer is divided into 7 psalms of 6 words each. That creates 7 combinations of 6 first letters (Each letter refers to a kabbalistic sefirah) - 42 letters in all, thus creating the 42-letter Divine Name - a mystical name with which the world was created. Those letters are also encrypted in the very beginning of the Book of Genesis (BERESHIT -> VAVOHOO, Genesis 1.1-1.2).
Every psalm spells out a different combination with particular powers.

English translationExplanations
Please, with the might of your right, untie the bundle: Energy of giving.
Accept your people's prayer song, heighten, purify us, Mighty one: Removing negative energy.
Please hero, your uniqueness worshippers, guard them closely: Energy of abundance and light.
Bless them purify them, your rightfulness mercies, always reward: Energy of overcoming obstacles.
Immune, proud, with your good will, manage your people: Energy of spiritual development and the sixth sense.
Single, proud, address your people, who remember your holiness: Energy of salvation.
Accept our plead, and hear our cry, he who knows histories:
Blessed be his kingdom's honor for ever:
Energy of revival.


The Hebrew transliteration:

Ana becho'ach, g'dulat yemincha, tatir tz'rura
Kabel rinat amcha sagveinu, tahareinu nora
Na gibor dorshei yichudcha, k'vavat shamrem
Barchem taharem, rachamei tzidkatcha
Tamid gamlem, chasin kadosh
Berov tuvcha, nahel adatecha
Yachid ge'eh le'amcha p'neh, zochrei k'dushatecha
Shavateinu kabel ushma tza'akateinu, yode'a ta'alumot

After the 7th psalm one more psalm is whispered: "Baruch shem k'vod malchuto le'olam va'ed"
Translation: "Blessed are You, LORD, our God, King of the universe..."
The "Ana Bekoach" prayer has great power if we pray it with full awareness.