King Solomon Seal 26. Bends People to Owner's Wishes. The First Pentacle of Saturn.

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Made on order
3 cm (1.18 inch) diameter
Fine (pure) silver .999
18 inch

The First Pentacle of Saturn is of great value and utility for striking terror into the Spirits.

It is said that upon being shown to them they submit, and kneeling upon the earth before it, they obey. This seal may be used for the subjugation and destruction of Spirits, and also to remove obstructions causing ill fortune, as well as to create obstructions to the actions of evildoers.

The Hebrew letters within the square are the four great names of G-d which are written with four letters - YHVI - Yod, He, Vau, He; ADNI - Adomai, IIAI and AHIH - Ehieh.

The Hebrew versicle which surrounds the square is from Psalm 72:9 "Let them that dwell in the wilderness bow before him; and his enemies lick the dust". This psalm is prayed as part of the ceremony of consecration of the seal and invocation of the Spirits.


This talisman will be hand-crafted AFTER the order is placed. No stocks are kept, and every talisman is created with the person who ordered it in mind.


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